Deportation: 1/31-2/1

January 31

The first horror was that I missed my MOTHERFUCKING FLIGHT.

I’m sitting here in the Narita airport actually writing this, wondering why the fuck it took 2 and a half hours to get out here and I didn’t even make the flight. I’m so pissed. I just emailed the ESL place and thankfully I don’t have to come in until Thursday, because the only flight to China now is at 10:30AM tomorrow. I’m not going to sleep. I’m not missing another one. I’m going to stay up all night in the airport. They were nice enough not to charge me for the change even though I guess it’s technically my fault, but goddamn it I thought two and a half FUCKING HOURS WOULD BE ENOUGH. GUESS NOT. Waiting for those damn trains to JUST SIT AT THE STOPS for TEN MINUTES at a time was the most maddening thing I have ever experienced. Hello sleepless night. Again. Only not doing anything fun.

Signing off. Too mad to keep writing.

Update: I slept on a horrible bench with one arm rest marking one third of the thing unable to stretch out upon. It was horrible. I ate a whole pizza by myself like a loser. I was shepherded into the place with all the other people staying overnight and guards watched us the whole time. Is Japanese security extremely tight or is it that way in all airports? I don’t know. Anyway so I didn’t sleep and then at 7 AM I went to the kiosk and thankfully my ticket was printed out and then I went through customs and the fuckers took my TOOTHPASTE this time, saying that it was more than 100g. you know what I think? FUCK THEM ALL.

The Japanese ladies at the gate kind of gave me a hard time as well, because they didn’t think my visa was valid even though I convinced them as I have convinced everyone else that it IS in fact still valid. I am so persuasive.


February 1

This is what I wrote, and I quote:

I am not allowed to enter China.

I got off the plane from Japan after convincing the ladies that my visa was valid. They believed me. So clearly this visa shit is really confusing.

I have to go to Hong Kong because my visa is no longer valid and they can’t let me in to the Beijing embassy because I can’t go in the country. Unbelievable.

Took a plane to Hong Kong at 6 pm. Done.


To go into more detail, what happened was I was SO close to getting through the border, I woke up on time in the Tokyo airport, caught my plane out at 10:30 am, and made it back to Beijing shoudu guoji jichang. But then that horrible woman at the border looked at me and smirked and told me my visa was not valid. So I was like what. And then two and a half hours later, where I had tried and tried to convince people that it was still valid, all in Chinese by the way and in good Chinese at that, and very nearly succeeded, they flat out told me that I could not enter the country. I had no idea what to do. They said that I would have to go to Hong Kong or Tokyo, and as Hong Kong is both new and cheap, I chose there. They had me sign a waiver basically saying that since I was paying out of pocket, I was going to Hong Kong willingly and not by forced deportation. Technically it’s not even really a deportation, I was just refused entry (I have that big CANCELLED stamp on my visa now) but the thing is, if I had been discovered while IN China, I might very well have been charged with overstay and had to pay a fine. At least this way, my fine sort of went towards the flight to Hong Kong. And I’ve heard Hong Kong is incredible so…it’s not all bad.

They were really quite nice. The one female officer and the older male gentleman really did try to see my point of view. They each disappeared for a while, I’m guessing so that they could ask other people and see if my visa was still valid. I think they wanted me to be right but knew that I wasn’t. They respected that I could speak Chinese and that I’ve been in China once before. I can’t believe I let this happen, so irresponsible. So anyway, I bought a ticket for the 6 o’clock Air China flight to Hong Kong (holy crap I HATE Air China but what can I do?) and was soon on my way.



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