Hong Kong: 2/1 – 2/3

February 1

So now I’m in Hong Kong. Because I arrived at 11pm, I decided to buy a hotel through the airport service, although as I suspected, all the choices were highly expensive. I hate this hotel. It is 113 USD a night and I’m only here for one night and I also have to pay like 20 HKD for internet for an HOUR. AHIGHAIGHAIGHA Anyway I called up this guy named Kinson on couchsurfing and I’m going to meet him at Chinese University of Hong Kong. And live with him there. Interesting, living in a dorm with a strange boy.

I was walking down the street and two men laughed and said “San ba!” and then the other “Bai ren!” Does samba mean bitch in Cantonese like it does in Mandarin? It was weird because I heard it again in the elevator. Why do people already think I’m a san-ba? Wtf?

I also hate the hotel because there are $40 bottles of water sitting there that you can’t even drink, but the tap water is okay to drink here (I think so anyway). It’s unbelievable.  I don’t have shampoo or conditioner, there is a $45 charge PER LOCAL CALL WHAT THE HELL MAN and there is a telephone in the bathroom too? This was the cheapest hotel the airport had but man counting all the extra charges it’s not cheap at all!


February 2

So the hotel is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, across the water from Hong Kong Island. It seems to be a fairly active district. There is a 7-11 literally every four feet. Like, four shops away from each other. It’s insane. Kinson told me that I could buy a phone card for my phone so that it would work in Hong Kong, and that it is available at 7-11, but I haven’t managed to find a person who understands my sim card company. Anyway. So I wandered around all day and ended up FINALLY reaching Kinson on a pay phone and he called and told me to meet him at the University, after I’d been asking a large variety of people in Mandarin and English if I could borrow their phones or if they knew where the 公用电话 was. I also went to the visa office, after stepping into a photo booth to get the appropriate visa pictures. Why do visa applications always ask for another picture of you? You never even see it again and you have to go in person so it’s not like they need to know what you look like, not to mention the fact that your passport already has a picture. Whatever. Anyway so many metro stations have these photo booths (it seems like Hong Kong is a hub for people needing visas, not just for people from America or going to China, but anywhere and everywhere). The photo booths also have fun options to take cute photos with your friends I guess, but I had no time for that. I had to make it to the visa office right at two when it opens because after reading some blogs, I’ve heard that the line can get very crazy.

Anyway so I went to the visa office, waited in line until it opened at 2, and went in and applied for a visa. They gave us the application while we were waiting outside in the line. Hong Kong climate is very temperate, I like it a lot. This is in addition to the fact that both Beijing and Tokyo were freaking cold, although I have to say that Beijing was the worst.



I went to the place and was stressing about it in the line (I got there like 40 minutes early and I still wasn’t even close to being the first one there) and when they gave me the visa application I was freaking out again because there was all sorts of information that I didn’t know, like what my insurance account number is and what my Chinese address is, and then it asked if I had ever been refused at the gate for China (FUCK!), but when I finally got in, up the elevator and through the metal detector, the lady was so nice. She asked me what the circumstances were in which I got barred from entry and I don’t think she even read my responses at all (like for example I just put down numbers for the insurance question, since I figured the odds of them looking up the account number was pretty slim) and then I THINK she said that she was giving me a SIX MONTH L-visa. Unfuckingbelievable. I even said on the app that I was only going to stay 45 days. Incredible. I love that woman. I was so happy I could have shattered that bulletproof glass and hugged her.

Anyway so I got it, but I got the one day rush service so I can only pick it up tomorrow at 3 (although I’m so going to go early, right at 2, because they probably won’t check that either).


Now that I have my visa, my fun in Hong Kong can actually begin.

I took the subway out to the university to meet Kinson, and so I was just sitting there waiting for him not really sure what he looks like, but figuring that I stand out enough for others to see. So then this weird, tragically ugly man comes up to me, he looks like he is a student, and asks me what time it is but clearly just wants to talk to me. Anyway so then he sits down and offers to take me to a pay phone in a nearby building. I grudgingly go along even though I think it would be better to just sit and wait for Kinson. Anyway so we went to this building up this weird winding trail near the basketball court that goes up a hill, and Mr. Creepy, whose name is Kevin, keeps saying how sassy I am. So anyway I get to the phone and call Kinson but he says to jump on a bus and come see him. I get kind of annoyed that he’s jerking me around and just decide to go back. On the way back from the building to the sidewalk, the guy stops me in a stairwell and goes all ISNT THIS ROMANTIC?? And I’m freaked out and just keep walking, even though he keeps following me. I briefly decide to go on the bus to see Kinson, but then ugly boy decides to follow me on and then I truly decide that it is just not worth it. Oh yeah, before the bus ugly guy kept touching my hair and just being generally weird and thinking that he is highly more desirable than he actually is. He asked for my email and all and so I just ran off the bus.

So then I took the train back a couple stops and then got out and took the bus to a random place and just got out, hoping I would find a hotel, but all it was was rows and rows of home renovations stores. All lined up, it was so weird. So I kept trying to call cabs but a lot ignored me, I guess because I am foreign and they assumed I don’t speak Chinese. Anyway I FINALLY got a cab back and just told him to take me to Tsim Sha Tsui, thinking that if I couldn’t find any place I could just go back to that shitty hotel and spend like all of my money. So I’m walking and my feet are hurting and then this SUPER short Indian guy comes up to me trying to sell me a watch. I smile and say no and then he’s like, where are you staying? You can stay with me. And I’m like LOL um fuck that. And then he’s like here, I’ll help you find a cheap place. And I’m like, really not going to say no to THAT. So he takes me a couple feet away to what is called the Garden Hostel and I end up paying on $400 HKD for one night. The room itself is pretty nice, it has 2 double beds and jeez, it even has shampoo and conditioner provided! (I get so pissed at that old hotel again, here I am paying half and I still get more). Anyway I use the hotel phone to call Nik again since I figure you know, why not, now that I’m not seeing Kinson I want to go out and do something so I might as well call (that is so weird, there are so many Indian people named Nik in my life suddenly).

So I called him and he came up at the first thing I noticed that his eyes were bloodshot. He kept offering me crack cocaine or weed the whole time. Not sure why I keep hanging out with him. Probably because he had a phone and I feel like I owe him. But he’s an idiot, that’s for sure. Anyway he took me to look at Star Street or whatever and we looked over at the buildings and he keeps freaking coming on to me and I just ignore it. He takes me to eat something and pays for me. I tell you, it is good to be a white girl in Asia.

Then I came back to rest a while before going out with him. Nik really thinks I’m going to smoke crack with him later, but no way. I go back with the intention of not really seeing him again, but then suddenly I see my inbox is a message from Kinson, asking where I am and that he’s waiting for me. I feel kinda bad and so I message him back and we decide to meet up at La Jardin bar in Central, on Hong Kong Island. I agree and so then I call Nik and ask him to go with me. When he finds out that I’m meeting a boy he says he doesn’t want to go, but then he ends up going anyway. Also his Indian friend Tarique goes, Tarry for short. He reminds me of Jes, he talks too much about stuff no one cares about, but he’s a nice guy. They’re both pretty awkward, really.

Anyway so the three of us go to Central and then we smoke a little while and then we go up to Azure, a rooftop bar that is on the 29th floor. The view is incredible. I give Kinson Nik’s number and so he eventually calls and he comes up eventually. My first impression is that he’s really good looking. So we go out and then into another bar where Kinson wants to meet some other couchsurfers with me, but he can’t really recognize any of them since they are all online friends. At this bar there is an opportunity to dance but we just don’t really have it. I talk to this big nice guy from Australia and he seems really sweet. Anyway Kinson and Tarry disappear and then me and Tarry and Nik all go to McDonalds because they are hungry. Tarry literally does a line of crack in the bathroom. Then they do some more outside of a bar later. I keep refusing. I just won’t do hard drugs. I find out later that Nik was ignoring Kinson’s calls. I’m so fucking pissed about that. I ended up talking to them in McDonalds until 9:30 when I could’ve been out partying. Well lesson learned. Next time I’m just going to do whatever the fuck I want and just leave regardless.

Anyway I go home with Tarry and Nik stays behind, probably to do more drugs.


February 3

So I wake up early and leave in time to check out by 12, and get my 100 HKD deposit back. I head over the Wan Chai at the visa place, get there really early, and relax in the Starbucks. The staff remembers me, which is really nice. J I really hurt my knee while climbing the stairs to get to the subway to Wan Chai before so I just relax and wait for the place to open. At about 1:20, I head over to the Chinese Resources Center, and get in line again, but this time in the pickup line.

I was really proud of myself because I knew I needed to withdraw money in order to pay the $1400 HKD fee (visa free + rush service) to get my visa, and I was really happy that I noticed the bank of China yesterday in that row of banks in the Sung Keng Lam center (sp?).


Successfully picked it up at 2! Took train directly to airport (another $100 HKD! Why is everything so fucking EXPENSIVE???) and went to buy my ticket directly. I got the 8 oclock flight to Beijing and was happy, and so by this point my feet are absolutely murdering me and I just sit. Then this really tall hot Chinese guy passes and he sits down next to me and talks to me, after I flash him a smile after seeing him staring at me a couple times. He said he would wait for me but he didn’t. He promised 不见不散and everything. I hate men. My phone is busted and I’m a buying a new, non-shitty one today at Carrefour. And I’m going to pay attention to that damn sim card this time and trust it when it says it’s going to blow up after I enter the wrong PUK code ten times.

Note: Kinson said that Nik never returned his calls. That asshole was jealous from the start that I had another male friend, freaking gross. Can’t even stand it. I called Nik from the airport to say thanks and take his email, but like hell am I calling him back ever again now.

I bought that Sex and the City drink, it was pretty good, carbonated nad fruit. I wanna go back to Hong Kong already.

Anyway so I’m like really pissed and accuse one of those big white vans of being a 黑车when he shows me his credentials that he is in fact a registered cab driver. Anyway I get home for about 200 kuai and then leaves and I get back into my house. Pixy has locked the door from the inside and I have to bang on it to wake her up, which I feel bad about, but thank god I get back safe. I throw down my stuff and go to sleep.



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