So now life goes back to normal?

February 8, 2012

So yesterday I was chilling all day after talking to Dad on AIM a little while and then got a text from Keen who was like, hey want to have dinner? Unfortunately I was waiting for the crepe people to finish my crepe in the Village (also thankfully I caught them trying to take 30 bucks from me, since I paid them with a fifty, so that means I probably won’t be going back there).

So anyway I told Keen 7:30 and went over then but it turned out he wasn’t done eating his hotpot then (I don’t get it, I told him 7:30…) and since it was so effing cold I went into the nearest 超市. Literally EVERYONE stared at me. It was so uncomfortable. It was like being in rural China. I was so uncomfortable.

Anyway so finally close to 8 Keen calls me and comes right to the chaoshi to get me and I try to get mad at him but I utterly fail. Anyway so we walk back to his apartment and we watch some TV and then we do it (it’s pretty good this time, first me on top and then from behind, which was nice). And then kind of cuddle the rest of the night.

February 9-13

So I really haven’t been on this as much as I said I would. I’m trying to think of what happened the past few days. I talked to both Chris and Kevin on skype, which was cool. I miss them. I’ve been eating a lot of McDonalds, since ever since I’ve been going out to eat with Keen I’ve been realizing that it’s pretty much impossible to continue to subsist on pocky, sushi, and buttered rice. So I tried their double-patty with bacon and potato salad and it was pretty good, I thought the potato salad would overpower everything but it didn’t, not after the first couple of bites.

I’m so hungry right now. Keen thinks I’m fat. Well he thinks I should be skinnier anyway. I think Asian boyfriends are likely the world’s most factor in the development of eating disorders. Marshall was always like that too. Hanh says her boyfriend even takes away M&Ms from her when he thinks she’s going to eat too many.

Anyway, screw Asian men! Keen and I aren’t even going out, and honestly, we really have no future. I saw him on Saturday and we watched the first part of Breaking Dawn and also Final Destination 5 (I actually enjoyed it a lot). It was nice, we went out to get 拉面 and such and just talk about our pasts. He’s so curious about America.

He has some pretty ingrained Chinese habits though. When we eat meat with bones it, like at that 香锅 place, he just spits the bones out on the table. I always spit them in a napkin. He also says things like how I could never be in sales, because it’s ‘men’s work’ which is annoying. I’ve seen him what, 6 or 7 times and there have been a couple instances of sexism…but on the whole, I do like being around him.

Anyway I say we have no future because Dad got into a horrible car accident 8 days ago. AND TOLD ME TWO DAYS AGO. He’s such a jerk, always thinking he’s Indiana Jones and how awesome it would be if he can just depend on himself. It’s hugely selfish. Anyway, the car that hit him head on was going 80 in a 30 zone around a blind curve, and Dad had no time to react. So then the car BEHIND Dad smashed into him. Dad got sandwiched. Smashed. Whatever you want to call it. The policeman said he couldn’t believe that Dad just climbed out of the wreck. Oh by the way, it was the Mercedes, Mr. B’s car, so now everyone’s insurance has to be involved. This is on top of the fact that Dad now has to go to PT three times a week and take muscle relaxant pills. He can’t move his neck and he walks funny. Just writing it makes me want to cry.

Anyway, the point is I’m coming home. On the 24th, I’m coming home to America. I want to help take care of him, and honestly, I think it’s time to stop being immature and wasting my life away in China. I love China. But I have to admit, there are a lot of pollution problems that might come back to haunt me later, and

Oh fuck it. I don’t want to leave China. I love being in a place where Dad can’t bother me. That’s the single best part of being here, only having to talk to Dad when I want to. I have had some great experiences. Going to Japan and getting deported to Hong Kong remains the best week of my life.

Anyway. I’m going home to talk to Jennifer and also Jose’s friend. If not, I can always get a ticket back, right?

I haven’t mentioned it to Keen, but honestly, I don’t think he’ll care that much. I’m usually the one to text him first anyway.

I’m going to try to see him tomorrow though. It’s Valentine’s Day 🙂


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