Time is winding down

So Valentine’s Day was yesterday. I made up my mind not to be the one to text him first time (since, unusual for me, I’ve actually been making the move to text him first almost all the time). So then at 6:00pm, he texts me and asks what I did all day. I’d been feeling antsy and was at Sanlitun Village, so I told him to meet me at the Starbucks.

He’d just been getting off work and so not only was it rush hour but it was also a holiday that Chinese people love, so he didn’t arrive until around 7. Anyway, so I met him and gave him a hug (I’m almost at the point where I feel comfortable kissing him as soon as I see him) and he hadn’t eaten so we went to Oriental Taste or something like that since he doesn’t like American food…sigh. Anyway we went there and I’d made up my mind not to eat dinner that day but I ended up eating a lot anyway. I felt gassy after :P.

He really is so interested in American culture. He remembered that I’d been uncomfortable with just putting the bones on the table after you’ve chewed off the meat like a wild animal in the Chinese way, and asked if that was impolite in America, to which I answered “duh”. So then he started putting his bones on the plate like me, to “practice”. His English is really pretty good too. He’s told me a lot of interesting things about China. Like how the government doesn’t report on Taiwanese people of note, like the basketball star Jeremy Lin. He told me that there is but one sentence dedicated to the horror that was the Cultural Revolution in Chinese history textbooks: “Due to mismanagement, the Cultural Revolution was an epic flop”, because the government is too afraid of its peoples’ reaction should they know the truth. Sometimes I mess with him though. I tell him Americans like to swear in every sentence. 😛

Anyway so he is leaving on Hong Kong for another sales trip the day after Valentine’s Day, and his trip is at 8:10 in the morning. But he still invites me back to his place and so we go back and I help him back and sleep over and ladedah. At the crack of 5:30 AM he wakes me up and I try to prevent him from getting out of bed…although we have to go at some point so eventually we get out there and BAM, no taxis anywhere. It’s about 7 in the morning by the time he decides he would rather 上地铁, giving him less than an hour to get to the airport to make his flight. I feel kinda bad for some reason, like it’s my fault, but he reassures me that he can change the flight, it will just be a 麻烦. Anyway so I get off at 团结湖 and then at 8 AM he texts me that miraculously he made his flight with 3 minutes to go. I joking texted him to have fun and not to go picking up any other women in the Hong Kong airport…at which point he called me a “naughty girl” (lol, I don’t get it…) anyway so I told him to call me when he gets back. I think I’m getting better at this romance thing, being less of an uncaring frosty bitch. Man, if I could go back to when I was dating Rob, I would’ve treated him a lot differently. How could I have been so indifferent to everything all the time? What did he see in me?

Anyway…counting down the days to leaving. I’m so torn. I’m very comfortable here. I can survive on my money for as long as I need to find a job, definitely. I have a quasi-boyfriend who I actually find attractive. I have a nice place to live that is near good places to shop and hang out.

It’s just that I do have to agree that considering that I went and got an Ivy-League degree, the opportunity cost of staying in China is very great. Also, I really want to be able to go to May graduation. I want to see my CAPS friends, the old high rise crowd, Steven, Leo, everyone who I used to love.

Those two reasons are the only reason I’m listening and coming home. I mean, excluding Dad’s horrible accident.

Anyway next Friday I leave. I’m seeing Kurt this Friday night for drinks. (He texted me about it when me and Keen were in the middle of things hehe). I still have to tell Keen that I’m leaving. Hopefully I won’t be leaving permanently. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t care that much. I still have no idea if we’re even exclusive or not.

Plus…where would I ever find another tall attractive well-spoken intelligent Asian man than by this chance meeting? Did I mention he thinks he is as handsome and as great of an orator as Obama? That might be a bit of stretch, but I must say he really has a drive to succeed, and the confidence to pull it off. Although he doesn’t know how old he is, and I don’t know how to tell him that. He’s sure that he’s 25, but he was born in ’87 which means he’s only 24. He messed up further by saying that on the lunar calendar he will be 26. Still wrong. Sigh.

I also have to tell my roommate I’m leaving. God. I hope I don’t end up screwing her over out of this contract that I signed with her.

I love China. I don’t want to leave…


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